Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We at HDWallpapersMobile always prioritize the security of our users and their personal data over everything.

What we never ask?

You do not need to login or register anywhere to read our Website. We don't collect any type of personal information like Mobile Number, User Name, Address of User etc. from our website viewers and readers.

What data we collect?

We collect email addresses from the users. The email addresses collected from Website readers are used to notify them about new posts on this website, send them newsletters periodically and share some other Blog related updates with them.

Anyone who is a part of our mailing list has complete rights to unsubscribe from our mailing list any time he or she wants.

We don't share email addresses that we collected with any third party.

Apart from Email addresses, we collect information like the location of the visitor, time spent by the user at our site, the device used by the visitor to access the site ( like pc, laptops or smart mobile phones ) and some other insights of users.

All the information are collected by the analytical tool of Google i.e. Google Analytics and use to collect the customer insights.

All the data that is collected with the help of Google analytics is safe with us. We never share the data that is collected with any third party.

The data that is collected by Google Analytics is retained with us for 14 months.

Special Mention: We use Cookies

Please note, we do make the use of cookies at our website to provide the higher user experience. If you don't want us to make the use of cookies you can change your browser settings any time by following this guide: Enable or Disable Cookies (Guide) 

Do note, that we are participants in the Google Adsense Program for publishers. Only with the assistance of it, we are providing internet-based ads to our website viewers and readers. 

Please note, we provide the non-interest based ads to our users/viewers living in EU.

As we are making the use of Google Adsense and Google analytics we request our site readers and viewers to have a proper look at this article: How Google uses information from sites and apps using our services

If you are viewing/visiting or reading our site, you have to agree with all of the conditions mentioned above. If you don't agree with any of the above conditions and statements then you have to close our website.

Affiliate Disclosure

We don't have any affiliate links with any website. Hence, you have to don't worry about any links on the Website.

If you have any queries regarding this privacy policy you can write to us at or get in touch with us at Facebook: HDWallpapersMobile at Facebook
(Last Updated: This policy is last updated on 6-December-2018)